Front/Rear Camera

Starting in 2018 rear-view cameras will be mandatory on all new vehicles, however, most vehicles on the road are not equipped with them. The good news is that you do not have to wait until 2018 as we can install quality front and rear cameras. Did you know that owning one or both reduces stress when reversing, and can prevent major damage, accidents, and may even prevent unintentional deaths?

Rear view cameras also let you see a wide field of vision you would otherwise not be able to see with conventional mirrors. We don't have to stress the importance if you have children or young neighborhood children in your area. In a recent study, over half of drivers equipped with rear-view cameras avoided backing over a stationary object placed behind the vehicle when they weren't looking.

We can even integrate a back-up camera into your factory LCD screen for seamless factory integration if your vehicle has one. And if it not equipped with a factory screen we have several solutions including a rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor. Speak with one of our experts to see what solutions are best for you.

Front/Rear Parking Sensors

Parking sensors make squeezing into those tight spaces a breeze and help avoid damage to your vehicle. These become especially useful if you live in large cities with limited parking. Our sensors help you avoid unnecessary damage by warning you when you are getting too close to another object.

Our collision avoidance back-up sensor kits feature a pulsing warning tone that gets faster the closer you are to an obstacle. The system is equipped with up to four ultrasonic sensors located in the rear and/or front bumpers. The sensors themselves are small and can be painted to match the color of the vehicle so they blend in and are barely noticeable.

Collision Avoidance Systems

Remember vehicle crash test dummies? They serve a great purpose in determining the safety of a vehicle post-collision. But as technology has advanced, the new focus is on preventing those collisions as much as possible, putting more control in the driver's hands so to speak. This is the new era of vehicle safety.

Although seatbelts and airbags are still very effective safety measures, they have become the last line of defense with the introduction of modern technology. The easier drivers can see and avoid potential collisions, the safer the road becomes for all of us. One such technology is Mobileye collision avoidance.

Mobileye is truly the next frontier in this category. Not only does it recognize other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, but even sees lane markings and traffic signs. Audio and visual alerts warn drivers giving you foresight and ample time to react. And that's not all! It also warns of forward collisions, lane veering, exceeding the speed limit, headway monitoring, and more. Come see why millions of drivers worldwide are switching to Mobileye's life-saving technology.

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